A Collection of Custom Front Entries

Custom Front Entry

A Collection of Custom Front Entries

A La Puerta Originals’ custom front entry is one-of-a-kind. We don’t have any standard designs from which to choose because each of our doors is designed in collaboration with our clients to suit their design aesthetic and their home. Once the design is finalized, our doors are built by hand, often incorporating antique material, then finished with our proprietary multi-layered patinas.

The best way to demonstrate the singularity of our front entries, is to show a variety of designs we have produced in the past. Keep in mind that this is just a small sample of the depth and breadth of our over 20 years of work. Note that any little details you like from our designs can be incorporated into your own door, or be the jumping off point for another concept.

By clicking an individual door image, you can scroll through larger versions of the photo without the captions.

The first door, shown right is a reproduction door crafted entirely of salvaged barn lumber. The arched double door is in a square surround with circular accents. Custom iron grillwork doubles as security and embellishment.

Below that is a classic La Puerta Originals rustic door. It was made with an antique Mexican door that was expanded with reclaimed Douglas fir. It sits in a surround with sliver sidelights. Patches of hammered antique ceiling tin were applied with tiny nails, and an iron grill covers the speakeasy. A hand-rubbed, multi-layered patina on the salvaged lumber matches the weathered mesquite of the antique Mexican door.

Next we have an arched door with an operable shutter. Set into a heavy jamb, it features an antique door inset with a carved panel from an antique cabinet. A frame of carved material outlines the transition from the antique door to the salvaged lumber used to enlarge the door. Custom grillwork is set over the shutter.

This arched door set into a square surround looks nothing like the first one featured – a unique design, made in collaboration with our clients. Hand made with reclaimed wood, the arched door is set into a surround with rays that reach outward. The windows are fitted with tempered safety glass.

Another feature of a La Puerta Originals’ door is our proprietary finish process. We do color well! Our hand-rubbed, multi-layered patinas have a complexity and depth that is unmatched. They are also very forgiving of nicks and dings. This lovely front entry features contrasting red and teal pigments. The hand-rubbed red covers the salvaged lumber used to make the door, and the teal highlights the antique carved panels. The operable shutter is set with a simple iron grill.

The custom front entry that follows is very 3D. A more modern design, it is made using a pair of antique doors with a raised block design. The door features sidelights that go to the floor, with small domed clavos along the base of the doors.

The next beauty has sidelights above carved antique panels. The door itself features an antique panel carved with an abstract fish design. A lovely custom swirling grill covers the window.

Below that is another stunner. An antique Mexican door with tiny clavos is set into a surround made with antique carved columns, topped with a grilled transom. The door features a grilled speakeasy and is accented with iron L-straps.

Antique mesquite panels with the original iron clavos were the starting point for this large arched custom front entry. Additional clavos line the shape of the door. Set into a heavy jamb, the door has custom grillwork over obscure glass and an astragal capped on either end with finials from antique dowry chests.

The next door is a reproduction made entirely of salvaged wood finished in a hand-rubbed patina mimicking aged mesquite. Set into a surround, it has a grilled transom and lovely grilled speakeasy shutter. Four domed clavos mark the corners of the door.

A classic arched front entry, this next door would be right at home in Spanish Revival architecture, Adobe style, Colonial, you name it. At over 2 inches thick, set into a heavy jamb, this door has heft. Crafted with salvaged barn wood, it has a grilled speakeasy and is accented with 36 domed iron clavos. It’s a beaut.

The double arched entry that follows is set into a wide, multi-leveled surround, all made with reclaimed woods. The doors are inset with a frame of antique carved panels and brushed with a verdigris patina. The final touches are corner clavos, large pull rings with domed escutcheons and an astragal set on either end with finials from antique dowry chests.

We finish our assortment with another stunner. It was made with an antique teak door with a weave design, complete with original hardware of iron clavos, chain and pull-ring. The door was augmented with salvaged lumber and finished in a matching hand-rubbed patina.

This array of custom doors is just an introduction to the many one-of-a-kind creations of La Puerta Originals. We apply this same artistry and vision to everything we do – from front entries and gates to solid wood kitchen and bath cabinetry. We invite you to explore the Gallery section of our website as well as other Design Inspiration posts. For a look an some of our interior doors, check out the Bedroom Doors – A Baker’s Dozen post, or if you have an interest in wine, see the Old World Wine Cellar Doors post.

If you are thinking replacing your front door, interior doors, or of remodeling, or building a new home, feel free to contact us to see how we can build a La Puerta Originals for you!


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