Our most frequently asked questions.

As a custom manufacturer, what is the price range for some of your most popular items?

We can design to any budget. Because of our unique designs and use of antique and reclaimed material, the variety that you see on our website reflects not only the differences in our client’s tastes, but also a variety of different budgets. Exterior entry doors (pre-hung units with a jamb and weather-stripping) start at approximately $5500. Interior doors (pre-hung units with a jamb) begin at approximately $3000. All hardware and glass is sold separately. Kitchen cabinetry ranges from approximately $1500-5000 per linear foot, depending on the material used and desired accessories. If there is a specific door, kitchen or other item that you like on our website, we will be happy to give you an estimated price on making a similar type or style.

How do I get my items?

La Puerta Originals is located in Santa Fe, NM, but we ship coast to coast in the continental U.S. We can also ship abroad, using a client-provided broker in the country of destination. Arranging the shipment of items is a service we provide to our clients and we offer several options for shipping: Common Carrier – Your crated items are shipped with other items, with possible stops and/or transfers along the way. Items shipped by common carrier are not unloaded from the truck by the driver–it is necessary to have people at the destination to unload the items. Dedicated Delivery – Blanket-wrapped items go directly from our shipping dock to their destination, with no other delivery stops along the way. Items are not unloaded from the truck by the driver–it is necessary to have people at the destination to unload them. Items can sometimes be unloaded for an extra charge. Discuss this when making shipping arrangements. White Glove – This is the highest level of service. The crated or blanket-wrapped items go from our shipping dock directly to the destination and the items are unloaded from the truck, uncrated and brought into the home. Because pricing varies due to distance, weight and size, we can give you an estimated range of cost based on the design, once item(s) have been commissioned. However, we are unable to give an exact cost until the item is completed and confirmed for shipment on the carrier. Clients may also pick up their items directly at our loading dock. New Mexico Gross Receipts Taxes will apply for customer pick up in Santa Fe, NM.

What materials and finishes do you use?

We use a range of antique and reclaimed woods, architectural antiques and metals. Our finishes are water-based and non-toxic.

How long does it take to get my item(s)?

The average lead time for a client project is approximately 12 weeks. Lead times depend on the size and scope of the project and the client’s construction schedules. Our lead time begins after all approvals, payments and finish selections are finalized.

Are glass and/or hardware included?

Glass and hardware are sold separately because of the unique nature of our products and how you might want to adorn them. We represent and sell several hardware brands that are available in numerous styles and finishes and at varying price points. We also offer a variety of antique hardware options as well as decorative hardware, cabinet hardware, clavos (decorative nails), metal strapping, and grillwork. See the Hardware & Glass section of our website to view examples of hardware and glass installed on our pieces.

Do you do installation?

We are not licensed contractors and do not sell or provide installation services for our products. It is recommended that you use a licensed contractor and obtain all required permits if necessary. We can and will provide consultation with your builder/contractor prior to fabrication and during installation of our products.

Do you offer a warranty?

We warranty our work for one year. Please see the Our Process section of our website, or speak with a sales associate if you would like more information.

Do you have doors and other items in stock to ship now?

We are a custom manufacturer, designing each piece to order for a specific client. Our showroom in Santa Fe occasionally has finished items for sale. The pieces on our website are examples of custom designs we have done for other clients. If there is a piece on our website that you like, we can design a version just for you!

Do you sell the architectural antiques and doors in your yard?

The material in our yard serves as raw material, which we incorporate into new products that we produce. We are not a salvage yard, and we do not sell our antique material.

Is it possible to come visit La Puerta Originals?

Yes, please do! While the website and blog give an idea of what La Puerta Originals is about, it is just a glimpse, and it is difficult to comprehend the breadth and width of our capabilities without an in-person visit. We would be happy to take you on a tour of the yard, the various shops and show you our library, which features a far greater selection of our completed work than is possible to show on our website.