Making an appointment

At a Design Appointment we will review the scope of your project, create a budget and give you a tour of the library, shops and antiques yard. Read more
La Puerta Originals designs by appointment only. Design appointments are scheduled in advance and are coordinated by our team of Sales Associates and Project Managers. An initial $200 design fee is required to prepare your files and allows for one hour of design time with our in-house designer. All terms and conditions and approval processes will be presented and explained prior to your scheduled design appointment.

Selecting Your Raw Materials

You are free to choose antique material from the yard for your project, or we can present you with a selection from which you can choose.

Project Drawings Begin

Once your raw material has been chosen and you have submitted your favorites from our website, reviewed our library books and chosen designs that appeal to you, the drawing begins.

Choosing Your Finishes

A visit to the finish sample room and consideration of other elements from your home, such as carpet samples, paint chips or photographs, narrows down your finish choices.

Into the Shop

The details of a project having been finalized, it is off to one of the wood shops. Here our craftsmen use modern and traditional tools to shape, detail and sometimes distress each piece.

Applying the Finishes

Once out of the wood shop, our finishers take over. Working from the approved sample, they apply—usually in a number of layers—non-toxic, water-based patinas, resulting in a finish that has depth and complexity.

Selecting Your Accessories

Finishes applied, it is on to hardware for the installation of glass, hardware and embellishments.

Ready to Ship

When your piece or project is complete it goes on the road. See the options in more detail in the FAQ section of our website. Continue reading below for information on lead times and warranty.

Lead Times

Lead times are based on completion of required approvals and shop capacity at the time of signing of the Sales Agreement. Lead times will be discussed and determined during the initial design appointment.

Limited Warranty

Every La Puerta Originals project is handcrafted to match your specifications and exceed your expectations. Doors and other merchandise manufactured by La Puerta Originals conform to the description and specifications contained in the Sales Agreement and are under warranty for one year (365 days) from the date of shipment.

Terms & Conditions | Payment Process

Once the design drawings are completed, La Puerta Originals requires a signed contract and a series of approvals for any merchandise to be scheduled and custom manufactured. A Sales Agreement will be prepared for all merchandise to be built in our shops and invoices will be generated for payment of deposits and balances due.