Old World Wine Cellar Doors

old world wine cellar doors

In the evolution of the luxury home, wine cellars, wine tasting rooms, wine closets and home bars have become more prevalent.

A wine cellar is a great element for a remodel or new build. It is the first impression of the collection within, which is more than just a collection of bottles – it’s very personal, and should be personalized as such.

Our example here is a remodel in Massachusetts. Built in a true cellar, which is great for temperature control, the room has stone walls and a curved wood paneled ceiling with recessed lighting.

Working with our clients and their designer, we started with a mesquite antique door from Mexico to make one of two doors for the wine cellar. Mesquite is very heavy and hard, aging well. It was decided that the finish of both doors would match the aged mesquite patina.

La Puerta Originals is unique in our ability to create an old world aesthetic. With our superior craftsmanship, thoughtfully considered details and proprietary multilayered finishing techniques, we can create doors and furnishings that would not seem out of place in a centuries old Tuscan winery.

The first door incorporates the antique Mexican door in a frame of salvaged lumber. The original clavos were retained, and flared iron L-strapping was added to the corners of the door. The door features a grilled speakeasy and a heavy iron pull rings with round escutcheons.

The second door was made using panels from an antique door. In the photo of the door in the wood shop it is easy to distinguish the antique panels from the freshly milled salvaged lumber.

Once the door was finished with the mesquite patina it was adorned, front and back, with clavos and decorative diamond escutcheons. The front of the door features iron grillwork that implies the fixed panel is a shutter.

The quality of the doors is evident, not just from the look, but the sound as well. The heavy doors have a luxurious hushed sound when they close and an insulating effect against outside noise. The finished room is a comfortable space – a retreat that evokes a distant past. It’s a great place to get away and leave the world of cell phones behind, to savor a favorite wine and good conversation.


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