Garage Entry

Rustic Interior Door

A pair of antique Mexican barn doors were used to create a bathroom door and this garage entry. The idea with these doors was to keep it simple and rustic, retaining the feel of the antique barn doors. The antique slide bolt back was kept, reinforced with additional screws and a new slide bolt added. While the original finish was retained, it was enriched with several colors of hand-rubbed waxed patina. Antique strapping was added using antique flat-head nails & clavos. And, keeping it simple, our ever inventive hardware department sliced a giant pull ring in half and used each half as a handle on the front and back of the door.

Click on the additional photos to see the antique Mexican barn doors with the slide bolt back, the fronts and backs of the doors in the finish shop waiting for color enrichment, where you can see how the doors work as a pair, the fronts and backs of the garage entry before and after color enrichment, detail photos of the slide bolt, strapping and pull-ring handle, as well as installation photos.


SKU: 10109-03

Elements: Antique

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