Gate with Grilled Peep

Santa Fe Entry Gate

This gate with grilled peep is classic Santa Fe style.

Made with an antique Mexican mesquite door and reclaimed wood, it features an operable peep shutter with a simple iron grill. Topped with salvaged tin, the gate is adorned, front and back, with domed clavos and L-strapping.

The additional photos of this gate with grilled peep show the antique Mexican door, the front and back of the gate before and after the addition of the clavos, L-strapping and grillwork, a detail photo of the salvaged tin topping the gate, as well as the gate installed. The before and after photos are a nice illustration of the way decorative hardware enriches the final version of the gate.


SKU: 9555-01

Elements: Antique, Grillwork, Speakeasy, Tin

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