Pintle Hinge Door

Front Entry with Sidelights

This pintle hinge door was crafted using an antique door, sections from an antique door surround and salvaged lumber. It features sidelights with shutters, an operable shutter in the door and an arched accent on the front of the door. Measuring¬†8.5′ tall by 10′ wide, it is a grand entrance. Hardware for the completed door includes custom-forged grillwork, clavos, a cast entry set and dead bolt with round key flap. When the door is installed it will have a jamb into which the sidelights will be inserted, bringing them even with the height of the door.

Click on the additional photos to see the antique door that was used to make up the wide frame around the shutter and the section of surround that was used to make the narrower frame around the frame and the decorative arch on the front of the door, the drawing showing the jamb in orange, the jamb layer out on the loading dock, the back of the door, hardware details and the pintle hinge in action.




SKU: 9814-01

Style: Pintle-Hinge
Elements: Antique, Grillwork, Shutter, Sidelight

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