Colorful Front Entry

Carved Exterior Door

This colorful front entry was crafted using salvaged lumber and carved panels from antique cabinet doors. The panels are on the front and back of the door, which is great because the back of the door is in the house, and, unlike, say, a closet door, we see much more of the back of our front entry than the front. It boasts two color schemes, front and back, both informed by the colors in the antique cabinet doors. The front of the door reads as black from afar, but the close-up photos reveal that the finish is much more nuanced. The carving patterns have a lot of texture, which is highlighted by the colorful finishes. The door features a grilled peep, or speakeasy that is covered with glass.

Click on the additional photos and you will see the antique cabinet doors, progress pictures of the front and back of the door, the finished door, front and back, on our loading dock, close-up detail shots, as well as the door installed.


SKU: 9188-01

Elements: Antique, Carving, Grillwork, Speakeasy

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