Pass Thru Cabinet

Dining Room to Kitchen Pass-Thru Cabinet

This pass thru cabinet straddles the divide between the dining and living rooms. It is two separate cabinets, joined at the back. The dining room side has wine racks, a stepped liquor bottle display and racks for hanging glasses. The living room side allows for the step down into the living room and has a spot for the flat screen TV, with cabinets on either side for electronics and wiring. The cabinets were constructed with antique carved fragments, antique dowry chest legs and finials and reclaimed Douglas fir.

Click on the additional photos to see the site for the cabinets to be installed, some of the antique material used in the construction of the cabinets, and details of how the cabinets go together (anything to be installed to a wall and not visible is painted black), as well as photos of the installed cabinets.


SKU: 9687-01

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