Dining Room Cabinet

Built-In Cabinet

This dining room cabinet was crafted using an antique door with a carved astragal, an antique carved column, finials from antique dowry chests and reclaimed lumber. The panels from the antique door were used to construct the cabinet, and the decorative carved pieces from the door and the column were inset to the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. The carved astragal from the antique door was used to make the legs/corners of the cabinet, while the finials from dowry chests form the feet. The cabinet has pull-out shelves and a low profile in the room because most of the depth of the cabinet is built into the wall.

Click on the additional photos to see the antique door with the carved astragal and column used to make the cabinet, photos of the completed cabinet after coming out of finish and hardware, including a side view (the part to be built into the wall is painted black) and the cabinet installed, showing the low profile of the cabinet.


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