Mexican Style Home Bar

Custom Mexican Style Bar

Our clients came to us wanting a free-standing room for entertaining in their backyard. Specifically, they asked us to create a Mexican-style bar to fill the back wall of their outdoor room.

The doors leading out to this backyard area were a pair of French doors that could be thrown open, giving the feeling that this free-standing room was a part of the backyard, which had been planted with trees, flowers and climbing vines.

As inspiration, we leaned on these hand-turned antique balcony rails (Figure 1) that would become accent legs for the bar.

These rails gave us a great start. Then the carving began. Lots of carving. Not just the carving of the complementary cabinet panels, but the little accents we added here and there (Figure 2, 3 and 4).

A hand-rubbed mesquite-inspired finish was applied, which was then highlighted with blue accents (Figure 4). Look at those gorgeous cabinet door panels! (Figures 5-6).

While it looks like an antique Mexican bar, it features several modern-day conveniences. The hand-carved cabinet doors conceal an icemaker and refrigerated drawers (Figure 7), and there is a cast-bronze sink in the top.

Finished and installed with a Mexican tile background, the bar is gorgeous and festive, ready for a celebration, for margaritas for two, or just a nice bottle of Cabernet while lounging in the backyard.

Another La Puerta Originals functional work of art!


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