Make a Statement with a Surround

Custom door with a surround

Make a Statement with a Surround

Your front entry sets the tone for your home, and a door with a surround makes a statement setting your home apart. Functioning as a frame for the door, a surround can be large or small, simple or elaborate. Often a more formal element of architecture, in the hands of La Puerta Originals it can become a creative expression of your decor aesthetic.

Our first example is a somewhat traditional arched door in an arched surround with a bit of functionality. One of our earlier creations, it was made with antique Mexican doors and reclaimed lumber. A photo taken just before shipment features Scott, who is over 6 feet tall, for scale. The double door is 9.5 feet tall. Opening inward, it features grilled operable shutters and clavos with diamond escutcheons. The surround, standing over 12 feet tall, is comprised of two sections that open outward. It has heavy iron strapping as well as pull rings with large versions of the diamond escutcheons seen on the clavos.

The door that follows looks a little more modest, but is actually quite large. The 10 foot door is set into a peaked surround with sidelites. The arched center window and sidelites are set with obscure privacy glass. Made entirely of salvaged barn lumber, the door is accented with iron clavos.

Below that is a rectangular door set into an arched surround. The details are a little easier to see in the photo taken on our shipping dock, below which are photos of the statement made once the surround and door were installed. The door, made with salvaged lumber accented both front and back with antique carved panels, has an operable shutter set with custom swirling grillwork. The surround, features sidelights and a grilled transom with keystone. It is also accented, front and back, with carved panels – above the door and below the sidelites.

Next is a rustic design with a very large rectangular surround and twelve foot arched door. Crafted using antique panels and reclaimed Douglas fir, the surround has short sidelites and is accented with iron L-strapping. The door is accessorized with 30 domed iron clavos.

The surround that follows is an offset design with a pintle-hinged, or pivot door. The arched door and surround are enormous, with the scale and thickness illustrated in the photo of glass being installed. The large pintle-hinged door features an inner door that is wrapped in salvaged ceiling tin that has been hammered flat and quilted in place with tiny nails. One can either open the pivot door to dramatic effect, or slip through the inner door.

Our final example of a statement-making door in surround is another pintle-hinged design. The surround features a giant transom and sidelites. Hand made from salvaged barn lumber and finished in a weather mesquite patina, the door, shown open on the pintle-hinge, features an abstract pattern that flows into the surround. As you can see in the final installation photo, that door and surround make quite a statement!

Custom work, be it a front door, kitchen cabinetry or the inclusion of architectural accents such as columns and corbels or elements such as wood beams and ceilings is an opportunity to customize your home, adding functionality, beauty and lasting value.

To see more of our exciting original creations, we invite you to explore the Gallery section of our website, as well as other Design Inspiration posts.

If you are thinking of making a statement with your own front door, or of remodeling, or building a new home, feel free to contact us to see how we can build a La Puerta Originals for you!


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