Dreamy Creamy Doors

Cream door with hand-rubbed patinas

Dreamy Creamy Interior Doors

At La Puerta Originals, we are known for our unique and complex hand-rubbed patinas. Our finishers are true artists. We do many colorful finishes as well as wood toned finishes – either enhancing the natural appearance of the wood, or matching years of use and wear or age, such as finishing salvaged barn lumber to match an inset weathered mesquite door. In our hands even a white door has a sumptuous look – a depth and complexity not found in mass produced doors.

Here we feature several examples of custom interior doors with a cream finish. The top photo shows double bathroom doors as seen through the bedroom doors across the hall. Both sets of doors feature antique carved panels. The doors are set into surrounds also inset with antique carving. The weathered cream patina accentuates the carving.

The single door below the bath doors was made using carving from an antique panel, also shown. In the layers of this finish there is a bit more charcoal color in the crevices. The photo of the back of the door shows the pieces that will be installed on site to form another surround with inset material. Even though the back of the door is relatively plain, the finish is interesting and appealing. In the final photo you can compare a mass produced white door to the hand rubbed patina on the back of this door.

For the same client we did a door with the cream front and a blue back with a geometric overlay pattern. The design of the door is similar but distinct and the cream finish nicely ties them together.

Depending on how the door is to be installed we do the surrounds in one of two ways. In the additional photos of the bed and bath doors seen earlier, the construction shows the surround done as a completed frame. In the angled photo the black parts at the edges will be built into the wall. Alternately individual pieces can be installed on-site to complete the door surround. The surrounds can be on both sides of the door, or a single side.

At La Puerta Originals, we make each door, cabinet or furnishing by hand, one at a time. We produce each piece in collaboration with our clients. This process includes the design, selection of finishes and hardware. The finish samples are done on blocks of wood that are consulted throughout the finish process. The results of our custom craftsmanship and our collaboration are elements for your home that are unique reflections of you.

To see more of our unique finishes on doors, cabinets and furnishing, please see the gallery section of our website. Feel free to contact us to see how we can build a La Puerta Original for you!


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