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custom driveway gate

Making a Grand Entrance

At an extraordinary home nestled in the foothills of Santa Fe, a custom motorized driveway gate makes for a stunning entrance to the property. Hand crafted with lumber salvaged from an old California barn, the gate is set into an iron base operated by a call box in front of and inside the home. This automated sliding gate is just one example of the style and function of our custom gates.

The additional photos show a sampling of some of the gates we have produced. Click on any photo to scroll through larger images of these gates.

When planning a property gate, consider the purpose, the site of the gate, the design of the gate and the materials used.

How will you use the gate?

If the gate will mostly stand open, closing it only when absent from the property, a manual gate is an option.

If the gate will primarily be kept closed, opening it as you come and go from the property, you will most likely want a motorized gate.

If the gate is primarily closed, but foot traffic is a consideration, a door within the gate is a good idea.

Where will the gate be installed?

If space is limited, gates that swing open might be preferable. If space allows for the gate to move right or left of the opening, a sliding gate is an option. Double gates generally operate in less room than a large single gate, whether swinging or sliding open. If the site is paved and even, a rolling gate is an option. If it is uneven the gate will likely need to be hung, whether swinging or sliding.

What is your preferred style of gate?

The height of the gate is very important and the materials used can effect the perception of the gate height.

A solid gate, whether wood, metal, or a combination, will obscure what is on either side of the gate. A solid gate will appear taller. A combination, with grillwork on top can give height without feeling closed off.

At La Puerta Originals, we build all of our pieces in collaboration with you, our client, resulting in a creation that is uniquely yours, built to enhance and beautify your home for years to come.

For more ideas you can check out our website for more images of driveway gates, garden and entry gates: GATES

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