Classic Santa Fe Blue Gate

Santa Fe blue gate

A remodeled cottage gets a classic Santa Fe style gate.

Stroll through Santa Fe and you will notice the many adobe buildings. Very often these feature painted blue accents – doors, window frames and gates. It is said to have begun long ago with a belief that blue wards off evil spirits. It is now a design aesthetic that is part of Santa Fe style. The blue accents work well with the earth tones of adobe walls. Very often the combination will be made to pop with a ristra of dried red chile pods.

While our clients’ downtown Santa Fe cottage did feature blue accents on the building, the stucco was a somewhat peachy color, and the existing purple gate was in need of replacement. The building and wall were re-stuccoed, and La Puerta Originals was tasked with building the replacement gate. Perusing our library books, the clients chose a gate done several years prior for another Santa Fe property. The feel of that gate was the jumping off point for the new gate.

An antique panel was selected to accent the gate made from salvaged wood. The existing header was retained – refinished with color applied – and a 3″ clearance built in to the gate to accommodate gravel and uneven terrain.

The completed gate features a hand-rubbed, multi-layered patina. The top of the gate was then trimmed with hammered salvaged tin that is quilted in place with tiny nails. The front and back of the gate were accented with flared textured iron L-strapping and clavos. The open window was fitted with custom iron grillwork. The finishing touch was the cast bronze entry set with locking deadbolt.

The end result is a classic Santa Fe blue gate that looks original to the historic neighborhood, but being new and two inches thick, is a modern work horse in disguise.


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