Bedroom Doors – A Baker’s Dozen

Custom bedroom doors

A Baker’s Dozen – Bedroom Doors for Inspiration

When contemplating bedroom decor, people often think about the bed itself, wall color, carpet or flooring options, bed linens, the closet space, maybe even lighting. But what about the bedroom entry? The door sets the tone for the decor within.

Where to start if you are thinking about a bedroom door?

Space – If you are limited to the existing opening, a custom door can be designed to fit. Whether limited to the existing space or not, the next step is to consider the elements you would like for your bedroom entry.

Number – Single door or double doors

Shape – Arched or squared off

Construction material – All of our doors are made with salvaged lumber. We have a large selection of architectural antiques and often use antique doors, panels from antique door surrounds, or antique columns to create unique entries. We can also do reproduction doors made with reclaimed Douglas fir.

Decorative material – There are many ways to accent a door. Some examples include iron strapping, clavos, grillwork, decorative art or bubble glass and quilted salvaged tin.

Header РHeaders are a great way to emphasize a door. They indicate the importance of a room. The opening photo shows a master suite entry with a header made from a salvaged barn beam.

Surround – A surround is an elegant finishing touch. It can be featured on both sides or just the front. Often our surrounds are inset with antique carved material. There are two examples shown here.

Astragal – Running down the center of double doors, an astragal helps block light and sound. There are four examples of doors with astragals shown here, including the opening door which shows what the astragal looks like when the doors are open.

Hardware – Both decorative and functional, door hardware can include simple pull rings and a ball catch closure, or operable handles and deadbolt locks. Head and footbolts are often used with double doors. Shutters and peep doors use latches and sometimes grillwork. Barn sliding doors operate on a track and often feature a door handle or flush pull.

Light – Light can come from a transom, shutter or grilled window. Obscure glass can provide light while offering privacy. Shutters are more flexible – open to let in light or a cross breeze, close to block the light. A transom can be fixed or operable, opening and closing with a staff.

Color – Remember there are two sides to a door, and with a custom door you can have two very different finishes on either side. An example would be a vibrant splash of color on the door front and a neutral back matching room decor when the doors are closed. Our custom hand-rubbed finishes are multi-layered and complex. We can mimic a patina of years of use or the look of aged mesquite, accent antique carving with color or even gold leaf.

In this post we have touched on some of the elements that make a great bedroom door. The thirteen doors shown here are just a taste of our vast body of work. See more in the gallery section of our website. Feel free to contact us to see how we can build a La Puerta Original for you!


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