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Family Affair – Su Casa Magazine


When his parents, Ruthe and Ken Coleman, decided to renovate their historic Santa Fe adobe, Scott Coleman, the founder of La Puerta Originals and its creative director, was naturally tasked with designing their kitchen.

Making an Entrance – Mountain Living


Never underestimate the power of a first impression – so believes Melissa Coleman of La Puerta Originals in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Whether you are selecting a pre-hung door or a slab that will be fit into a pre-existing frame, it’s important to choose a door that complements your home’s architecture.

Su Casa Magazine – Creative Condo Living


Tucked away on a side street off Canyon Road, hidden among tall trees, is a 2,000 square foot Territorial-Style home that underwent a complete transformation…

Luxe Magazine


La Puerta Originals’ door is featured in a magazine ad.

New Mexican Home – Talkin’ About Architectural Antiques


There’s nothing like the earthy, rustic quality of architectural antiques to add substance to a New Mexico home, courtyard or garden. And if you prefer being surrounded by gleaming, newly manufactured surfaces, a well-placed object bearing the marks of age and human hands may yield a contrasting soulfulness. It’s not hard to…

Fortune Small Business


Scott and Melissa Coleman see profit in faded paint, nail holes and rust stains. Their company, La Puerta Originals, turns antique and reclaimed wood and scrap metal into custom-made doors for high-end homes.

Western Art and Architecture – Hand-Crafted Pintle-Hinge Door


Founded more than two decades ago by architect Scott Coleman, La Puerta Originals has garnered the nation’s largest collection of antique architectural wood materials. With more than 6,000 carved pieces spanning three centuries and 14 countries…

NM Business Weekly – Opening the Door to Greater Efficiency


A peaceful, happy feeling overtakes you as you step into the showroom of La Puerta Originals. The richly colored, solid doors and furniture have been handcrafted from wood salvaged throughout the world. Their original carvings are still intact, but after decades and even centuries of…

Su Casa Magazine – New Mexico’s Hand-Crafted Furniture


A La Puerta Originals cabinet adds functional beauty in the kitchen. Constructed of reclaimed Douglas fir, the piece is topped with a salvaged carving from China. The bench was also made from reclaimed fir. In another home, an intricately carved…

Residential Design and Build Magazine


This interior door from La Puerta Originals is made from reclaimed Douglas fir timbers combined with an antique mesquite door from Mexico…