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The End of an Era


Custom kitchen design, custom doors and bathroom suite with carved custom vanity and antique columns Today we have some really fabulous install photos of La Puerta Originals creations.  The custom kitchen features an intricately carved stove hood made with antique corbels and carved panels.  The refrigerator has wooden panels that match the cabinetry. In Read More

On Its Way!


When your piece or project is complete it goes on the road. See the options in more detail in the FAQ and The Details sections of our website. For further expansion on our Design Process, read on below.

Accessory Installation


Finishes applied, it is on to hardware for the installation of glass, hardware and embellishments.

Finishes Applied


Once out of the wood shop, our finishers take over. Working from the approved sample, they apply, usually in a number of layers, non-toxic, water-based patinas, resulting in a finish that has depth and complexity.

Hardware & Glass


These options are both decorative and functional. Choose clavos or iron strapping to embellish doors, grillwork for door shutters, door handles and locks for security. This is the step that is the finishing touch of each creation.

Into the Shop


The details of a project having been finalized, it is off to one of the wood shops. Here our craftsmen use modern and traditional tools to shape, detail and sometimes distress each piece.

Choosing Your Finish


A visit to the finish sample room and consideration of other elements from your home such as carpet samples, paint chips or photographs narrow down finish choices. Blocks will be created for your approval and from which our finishers will work.

Project Drawings


Once your raw material has been chosen and you have maybe reviewed our library books and chosen designs that appeal to you, the drawing begins.

Raw Material Selection


You are free to choose antique material from the yard for your project, or we can present you with a selection from which you can choose.

Design Appointment


At a Design Appointment we will review the scope of your project, create a budget and give you a tour of the library, shops and antiques yard.