Canyon Road – The Kitchen

Installation photos of a custom kitchen design by La Puerta Originals, featuring wood paneled refrigerator, custom kitchen cabinetry and a custom kitchen island

Here we are, back on Canyon Road, this time in the kitchen.  Yea!  I love looking at the different things people do with their kitchens, and this is a particularly fun one.  It began with the selection of the doors and hutch you see below.

I had photographed the swirl design on the doors of the hutch some time ago.

Here Elio reconstructs the hutch into cupboard doors on a sturdy base.  You can see the new thickness there on the side where his hand is.  Yes, we like the look of antique, but we want the sturdiness and functionality of the 21st century!

The back wall of the hutch shelves are brought forward, becoming the upper cabinet front, with the center post remaining in place.

Here it is as hardware installation was beginning.  Looks like a cabinet with drawers, but surprise!

I love that!  Next in the lineup is the fridge cabinet.  I thought the numbers had sort of a nautical feel for some reason, but we end up losing that detail under the finish.  Well, we are in the desert, after all…

And then we have the microwave cabinet, which has a surprise of its own that we will see a little later.

The top of the cabinet features a crown that matches that of the pantry cabinet.  The pantry cabinet crown was original to the antique hutch, and though this is made from antique wood, the fresh cuts show that it was made to match.

Here we have it at the beginning stage of hardware installation.

That board vertical board is not a cabinet divider, but the wall behind which the cabinet door retracts.  You can see the metal glides in the photo below.

And then in this installation photo, you can see how the wall forms a pocket for the door.

The upper cabinet has drawers that are really nice hard maple, but they are quite bright in contrast with the green of the cabinets.

Aaah…that’s better.

And then, the shelves were rearranged so the microwave was in the middle, which is great, because unless you play for the NBA, that wasn’t going to work!

So, below you can see the fridge wall cabinets before and after they went to the finish shop.  The fresh milled wood is reclaimed Douglas fir, the green panels are from various parts of the hutch – the sides, cabinet backs, etc.  The microwave cabinet was finished in a patina matching the finish of the antique hutch, including the fact that the top of the cabinet is a deeper color, the bottom with more of the color removed, as the hutch had weathered.

The fridge cabinet in the middle is a lighter green with flecks of blue and red. The color combination was inspired by the antique doors we saw in the beginning.  Underneath the light green paint, the doors were dark green, with inset panels of light blue.  I have a crop of them below to show the colors, and then the dishwasher panel on the finish bench, with the dark green center panel and the blue undercoat on the frame, and then a pic of the panel installed, with the light green coat over the blue.  It shows a bit more of the finish detail, and you can click any of the pics in the blog entry to see them larger.

But I get a little ahead of myself with the dishwasher panel.  Let’s look at Eric’s install pictures of the fridge wall!  The pantry cabinet features rotating wire racks, giving double the depth of storage, and interior lighting activated by the opening and closing of the doors (love that!).

The fridge has two freezer drawers on the bottom with the main compartment on top.

And, the surprise I spoke of earlier, with the microwave cabinet, is what Scott describes on the project drawing as, “Pocket Doors for Dog Nest”.  I wish I had gotten a pic of the dogs in their nest when we visited.  They were so cute!  But they were on the road when we were actually shooting, so I asked Melissa if she could bring any stuffed dogs her kids had, and we illustrate with them!

Let’s move on to the stove/sink cabinets.  Here are some of them as I found them in the wood shop, kind of out of order, and then set up in order after they came out of the finish shop.

Again, we have the maple customization, a fab rotating shelf, but it looks much better after painted, particularly since the cabinet door features bubble glass. You can see how distracting the unpainted wood is in the pic above, with the cabinet doors closed.

This is actually the contractor, Doug’s picture, he being the “D” in D Maahs Construction.  They did a great job, with a lot of attention to detail.

And then we have Eric’s install shots of the lower cabinets.

And I shot some pics of drawer details and the like.

Here is the stove hood during construction, and then the edging we did for the top and bottom of the hood, with antique carved panel inlay.

In between the fridge wall and the other cabinets is the door, with attached screen door, that we did.  We don’t often do screen doors because they are expensive to do right, but this one is a beaut.  It goes to the garage.

When we were there we had had a surprise snow and it was freezing, but in the summer it would be really nice to have the garage door open and the screen door there.  It lets in a cross breeze and light – you can get the idea in that earlier photo of the stove hood during construction.

And finally, I got a surprise of my own.  I told Melissa that I was doing this post and she said, oh!  we’re in the

Wohoo!  So, I end with those pages, just click if you want to read, and we will see you next time!

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