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Installation photos of one of our custom exterior doors – a pintle-hinged front entry, and a custom wine cellar door

I really will get to the final Canyon Road entry, but I have some more install pics to share with you.  I am always so happy to receive installation photos from clients – it is so great that they take the time to share them with us.  And these are big, gorgeous photos, so it is doubly exciting!  I featured these doors as they came out of the shops, but that was quite some time ago, so I will start anew.

As most projects do, this one began with the client perusing the books in the library.  This gate was chosen as the inspiration for the doors.  Then, it was on to raw material, and these carved fragments, seen below, were chosen.

Our next image is the surround with transom and sidelights in the wood shop.  You can see how fabulously solid it is.  The guys in the shop are so talented with those curves!

Then we have the door itself, with all that gorgeously carved antique material inlaid.

The next photo is the door jamb in the wood shop, where you can see the millwork pattern.  Yum.  Again, those details really make the final product so special – more old world craftsmanship than modern day factory output.

Below are those same pieces in the finish shop – I thought this interesting because it looked abstract and different every time I glanced at the photo – a foreign alphabet character, a bench, a running dog…

Here you can see the millwork pattern and the patina a bit better.

Below we have the door out of the finish shop and on the table for hardware.  The blue tape marks where the clavos will go – another great finishing touch.

I include this photo just because it is a peek into the hardware/shipping area and there is a bit going on.  We have the door, and against the wall to the right we have the jamb, and then on the table these ginormous doors for a different client, which are for a master bedroom entry.  How high those ceilings must be!!!

Then we have the finished door, with hardware, grillwork and the obscure glass installed.

I think I like the back of the door the best, which is as it should be, since you see the inside of your door much more than the outside!

This is a pintle-hinged door.  With these doors, the hinge can really be set anywhere.  I have even seen a couple of examples in really huge doors where the hinge was in the middle.  In this instance, the hinge is set very close to the surround.

For those not familiar with a pintle-hinge, here is an example of a door we did a number of years ago, where the hinge is set further in, showing a little more clearly how a pintle-hinge operates.

Speaking of details that make LPO doors so special, here are some close-up details of the door.  Don’t forget that you can click on any of the photos in the blog to see them in greater detail.

Here is a detail shot of the center of the door, compared to the center panel of the inspiring gate.  I say inspiring because, while we may make something similar, we never make the same door, or anything, twice. These doors are hand crafted, with the finished product being informed by interaction with the client, the antique material that is incorporated, the custom finish chosen and approved by the client, as well as the details of the hardware – in this case the clavos, handle hardware, glass, the custom grillwork – all these details come together to form a finished product that is unique to each client.

And then we have the door installed.  It is so great to see things in the context of the surroundings.

We also have photos of the wine room door, which was one of my favorites as I tracked it through the shops.  So tall and slender – a gem of a door. It is installed at an angle at the back of the bar.

As with the front entry, the design is inspired by the gate shown earlier, and the raw material shown previously is inset into the central panel of the door.  It has a grilled transom, with the obscure glass, but no sidelights. Below we see it in the wood shop.

In the finish shop.

In hardware with the grillwork and other hardware installed, awaiting glass.

And finally, glass installed, out on the dock, front and back – like I said – a gem of a door. That is a photo worth clicking on to see the detail, particularly of the carved pieces.

And installed – I love that it is set at that angle.

Well, I’ve got to get back to some other projects we are working on, but I will be back soon with the final Canyon Road entry.  I will end with another shot of that gorgeous front entry.  I hope to see you soon!

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