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The Final Leg


Featuring custom doors with carved surrounds and beds made from antique Mexican doors9962-01 Beds

Hello! I am back for the conclusion of our Canyon Road Tour, with the last of the installation images taken at a remodeled condominium on Canyon Road, here in beautiful Santa Fe.

I have to tell you, we are having a spectacular fall! The temperatures fell abruptly, the leaves are quickly turning and dropping, and the smell of roasting chile and burning piñon fill the air…Heaven!

In this post, the stellar photos are by Eric Swanson, the less than stellar ones were taken by me or the shipping crew, unless otherwise noted.  If the Canyon Road Tour is not ringing a bell, for the complete trek, you can read the previous posts, which cover the Gate and EntryLiving Room AreaInterior Doors, and The Kitchen.

9978-09 Doors

For this post, we look at the guest area.  Off the kitchen, through a doorway with a carved surround, we have the guest bedroom and bath, as well as linen closets with folding doors. The carved surrounds throughout the home are so fabulous, really setting off the doorways. It wasn’t possible to get a long shot, but I loved the mix of textures and colors, so here is a detail shot. Remember that you can click on the photos to see them in greater detail, and this would be one worth a click!

9978-05 Surround 9978-09 DoorsThe clients brought the original folding doors to us for a make-over.  The plain white doors were fitted with antique carved panels and antique pressed tin, then painted with a multi-layered hand-rubbed finish – a mix of red, orange, white and green.

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door in shop

9978-09 Door after finish shop

9978-09 Door after finish shop

All through the shops the two sets of doors were together, like these entry closet doors:

9962-04-Doors-INSTALLBut they are actually two sets of narrow folding doors that will face each other in the hallway.

9978-09 Door after finish shop

9978-09 Door after finish shop


There is another closet, with a similar set of doors on the opposite side of the hallway. The folding doors are a great solution in a tight space.

To the left is the guest bathroom. Again, we have carved door surrounds, inlaid with carved antique material, finished this time with a hand-rubbed antique white patina.


Here are some pics from the shops, to show more detail.

9997-04 Door Front

9997-04 Door and Surround details

9997-04 Door Detail

9997-04 Door BackTo the right, we have the guest bedroom. Originally the room was outfitted with these twin beds.


The above photo was taken by Doug, the D in D Maahs Construction, the contractor for the renovation.

9962-01 Bed

9962-01 Bed
We are currently building a new larger bed to replace the twins, and while we normally don’t have ready to go items in our showroom, this is a rare occurrence where these beds are available, for $6125 each, plus applicable shipping if you don’t want to come pick them up, plus tax if you do. To read more about them, see an earlier blog entry that showed the placement of the antique material, etc. They were made with antique Mexican door panels and carved finials from antique dowry chests. The existing finish remained and was embellished with the red.

9962-01 Bed detail

I just love the richness of the multi-layered finishes LPO does.

9962-01 Beds

While the bath and bedroom entries are double doors, the bedroom closet is a single, with an iron pull ring, set into the carved surround.

10024-01 Door

Such great details!

10024-01 Door

Yum!10024-01 DoorAnd finally, we have the bedroom entry doors, that mirror the bath entry doors, and some shop photos to show the details.

9997-05 Doors

9997-05 Door Front

9997-05 Door Detail

9997-05 Door

9997-05 Door Back


Thus we end our Canyon Road Tour. We thank our clients for generously letting us into their home and allowing us to share these photos with you. Until next time, I hope you are having a great fall too!

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