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Installation Happiness (part two)


Installation photos of custom arched doors with carved surrounds, custom kitchen island and cabinets and a custom gallery bench inset with antique material

Okay, I’m back.  Lots going on, so let’s see how quickly I can whip this puppy out.  I always think I am in the home stretch and it should take me no time at all and then I keep finding other things to include, and a week later, there I am with double the images and a totally different entry than I had in mind.

Fortunately, we have a clear mission with this second part entry – working on the recent smattering of installation pics we have of late.  Let’s begin with these fabulous doors and the photos sent to us by Clutch Design Studio, an architectural firm out of Denver, designers of the home in which the doors, shown above, were installed.

Antique doors, raw material for custom double doors

I had been tracking their production in my shop wanderings, not realizing that they were two sets of doors.

Custom doors in progress

I thought the design had been changed mid-stream because at one point you could see through the grate in the door and then you couldn’t.

Hand crafted doors in progress

You can see in the photo below how intricately the grill is fashioned.

Custom interior doors made with reclaimed woods

I am always amazed at the complex math these guys have to do to make everything work right.

Detail of creation of custom bedroom doors

I am hoping you can see the detail in this photo and how thick the grate is (remember you can click on the photos to see them larger).  From a distance it looks delicate and up close it looks very substantial.  I just love the beefy stuff, the solid feel and the sounds they make.  Here are both doors on the dock, with their beautifully carved surrounds being held into place.

Double doors with carved surround

Solid interior doors made from antique Mexican doors

And we finish with another installation shot that nicely shows the carved door surround.

Custom interior double doors with carved surround

If I may digress here a moment, I was reading the Design & Living issue of the Sunday New York Times Style Magazine this weekend and they had a quote featured that said, “Anything that has been made by hand will age better than something that has been manufactured”, and I thought about how very true that is for the items made at La Puerta Originals.  I see mass manufactured furniture, whether modern or finished to look antique – one bump and you get this pale gash that looks like a wound.  Time is not kind to cheap furniture.  But as I see the pieces crafted at LPO, in the showroom or someplace like Scott & Melissa’s house, they only get better.  The swing that an open hasp wears into the wood only adds to the character of the piece, many hands on the cast bronze hardware create a patina that gets richer with time and paths worn into the finish of the flooring tell a story of family living.  And, of course, if you wish to maintain perfection, each piece comes with a touch-up kit…

Custom kitchen cabinetry

Speaking of character and patina, I love this kitchen that was done for a cabin up in the Colorado mountains.  The client was kind enough to send us photos and I had a great time picking the items out of the installation photos and matching them up with their dock photos as they came out of the finish shop.  The hand crafted bubble glass looks so great on this cabinet.

Custom kitchen cabinet with glass doors

Custom kitchen cabinet with wine glass storage

And here we see the island on the dock and then with the cooktop installed.

Custom kitchen island cabinet

Custom kitchen island with cooktop inset

Sink cabinet below.  These two photos really show why I like getting the installation pictures so much.  In the dock photo the piece to the left is just sticking up there, and you see the matte black paint that indicates that area will not show – it just looks so incomplete.

Kitchen cabinet made with reclaimed antique wood

And then voila!  Sink installed and it all makes sense!

Custom kitchen cabinet with porcelain farm sink

Over by the fridge we have the pull-out pantry cabinet, shown here in action.

Custom kitchen cabinet with pull-out pantry shelving

Detail of custom kitchen cabinet with pull-out pantry shelving

custom kitchen pantry cabinet

I keep telling Scott he should tuck some small pantry cabinets in the UPPER cabinets, like for spices and cooking oils, but I have yet to see any come out of the shop.

Swing-out pantry shelves

The closest was in a kitchen we did out in San Miguel County – highly functional and useful swing-out shelving, not so close to the heat of the cooktop that things spoil quickly (yes, I am a cooking nerd).  You can click on the photo to see better detail of the shelves in action.

More cabinets shown below, with the three drawer being my favorite for the patina on the drawer faces, as well as using one of knobs I really like (the dock photo of that cabinet would be another pic to click on to see in more detail, including the special little feet made from inverted carved finials).

Custom kitchen cabinets made with antique carved panelsCustom kitchen cabinetry

Three drawer custom kitchen cabinet

Custom made kitchen cabinets with French farm sink

Custom kitchen cabinet with European style plate rack

Custom kitchen cabinetry

And finally, we have a bench that I had previously shown in an entry last fall.

Custom bench made with antique carved corbel

Constructed with a giant antique carved corbel, the bench is set on reclaimed heavy timbers with a smooth metal panel inset at the seat.

Detail shot of metal inset of custom built bench

It is for a gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the gallery owners were good enough to send us the photo.  The cat looks so perfect and surreal that I had to wonder if it had been creatively added to the photograph, but then noticed a kiddie gate in the background, which I am assuming keeps gallery kitty safe during times of chaos.

Installation shot of custom built bench

I really want to thank all those who have sent installation photos.  They are always interesting, and we love having an ending to the story.

No two pieces are the same.

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