A Return to Canyon Road


Installation photos of custom doors for a Canyon Road residence in Santa Fe. Features a custom front entry made with an antique French door and custom interior bi-fold doors inset with reclaimed tin

After taking several side trips, we are back on Canyon Road with more installation photos.  We have seen the entry gate, front entry, and the living room.  Now we have three more pieces.  The above door is a sort of secondary front door, leading from an enclosed sun porch.  It began with this antique door.

If I had to guess, I would say it is French.  Quite a beauty.  But a bit too tall and narrow for this remodel.  So our job is to deconstruct it and put it back together at a scale that works, both aesthetically and with the house.

Below, Leonel & Memo confer.  You can see that the door got a bit of width, and in order to make full use of the beautifully carved swag panel, the flat panel below it is trimmed down to a narrow rectangle.

Here we have Memo, putting it all back together again.

Here it is in the wood shop.

From the back you can see the contrast between new wood and old.  The door got a new jamb that meets the nice swoop at the top of the door, there is a bit of width added to the door and the shutter is reinforced.

Here it is fresh out of the finish shop and waiting for hardware and glass installation.

I just love that grillwork. The shutter glass was replaced with insulated double-paned glass – custom, of course, with that arched top.  And the door is outfitted with a cast bronze entry set with thumb latch and deadbolt.

I sized and aligned the finished image to the original antique door by matching the edges of grillwork.  It looks like i didn’t pull the door on the right down enough, but it is actually that the frame for the glass impinges on the grillwork.  Matched like this makes it easier to see the difference in the before and after.

And then one more look at the door installed.  Niiice…

Our next door was covered in minute detail in a previous post, And Away We Go, so I will be brief and say that the doors were created using the following three doors.

The folding doors are fitted with hammered antique tin and set into a surround inlaid with antique carved panels, also from the above doors.

The surround makes the doors even more remarkable, just as the right frame completes a painting.

Our next piece is actually an interior window, and again, it is set into an intricate surround.  It really opens up the room, making the kitchen/dining area (which we will get to see next entry!) feel bigger.

Here we have it in the finish shop, awaiting latches for the operable shutters.

That finish is so fabulous – you might want to click on the photo below to see the marvelous mix of blues and greens that create a smoky patina.  Just amazing.

Here is the front, out on the loading dock.

You can see that the front of the window has a slightly different finish – here comparing front and back.

Here is the back on the dock.

And finally, installed, with the shutters open.

See you back here soon for the kitchen!

No two pieces are the same.

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