A Few New Entries

Here are some custom front doors that were completed last month. As with everything we do, our doors are designed in collaboration with our clients, resulting in a finished product uniquely theirs.
First up are two arched doors, with the arch being where the similarities end.

The arched double doors are made with antique mesquite panels (with the original iron clavos) and salvaged lumber. This is the panel you see in the left side of the door.
An astragal runs down the middle, the ends of which are adorned with finials from an antique dowry chest. The obscure ripple glass is covered in hand forged grillwork. New iron clavos accent the finished doors.

The back of the door nicely frames the backsides of the mesquite panels. There are more clavos, as well as head and foot bolts.

The second arched door is a single door with a windowed transom and sidelights set with clear glass. It was crafted using salvaged lumber and antique woods.

We also had a rustic pintle-hinged door come out of the shop. It was made using an antique carved door with surround that was widened with salvaged lumber.

The back of the door has the original wear and patina. What was a somewhat fragile piece was stabilized and strengthened, becoming a solid, functional piece of art.

The pintle-hinge can also be referred to as a pivot. Shown here in action, you can see that it makes for an exceptionally unique front entry.

Speaking of unique front entries…this peaked version is a first. The closest thing we have done was this door from a number of years ago, that had a peaked transom.

This new door features a mix of obscure glass and hand forged floral pulls.

You get a peek of the curls at the bottom of the pulls through the back of the door.

Next up are two custom doors with grilled peeps.

The first was made using an antique mesquite door with the original key plate and flat head iron clavos.

The antique door was framed with salvaged lumber and iron L-straps. Sidelights are fitted with clear, tempered glass. The peep has a classic hand-forged grill.

The back of the door nicely frames the mesquite panel, and also features the iron L-straps.

The second door with grilled peep has an oblong peep with a kind of basket weave grill.

This is a very handsome, solid door, made entirely of salvaged lumber. Ultimately, it will be accented with a good number of large iron clavos.
Our final front entry features a grilled and screened shutter. Perfect to catch the fly-free breeze.

Made from salvaged wood, the door features thick-head iron clavos and a custom grill.

That’s it for this time. Check back later for more exciting one-of-a-kind pieces coming out of the shop!

No two pieces are the same.

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