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Some of our favorite custom doors – interior doors and exterior doors

Another little detour here.  I have been working on the books in the library lately, and I keep finding myself saying, “Ooh!  That’s a nice one…”.  So, I thought I would do a quick blog entry and share some of them.  The ones shown above are a set of built-in bedroom closet doors with antique carved panels.  Love the surround, with the crown moulding on top.

This is a door for a study, with some simply carved panels from an antique Mexican door.  Great pattern.  You can always click on the photos to see them in more detail (highly recommended, as the details are what La Puerta Originals is all about!), but I will give you a couple of cropped detail pics here as well.

And the back of the door is fab too, with this grillwork.

This bedroom entry features an overlay of antique wood.

And then look at it with the clavos and hardware installed.  For me, the clavos have a big impact on the final look of the door – they highlight the 3 dimensional aspect or something – I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Yum – look at that detail.

Here is an entry for a child’s room. It is crafted using an antique Mexican door.

In the view of the back, the peep door, at a low, child height, is more visible.

Another charming bedroom entry, this one with a carved panel in the center and a little grilled opening at the top, that gives the feel of a transom.

This is a barn tack room door.  I love the rustic feel and finish of this door.

This is a little fireplace cabinet door – you can see the gloved hand holding it steady for the camera – it is about 4 1/2′ tall.  I remember dwelling on this door when I first processed it – so sweet.  The antique panels are nicely incorporated.

These bedroom closet doors are the first ones that got my attention.  I pulled out an extra copy and set it aside.

The distressing on the inset panels is really beautiful, and the solid, simple hardware seems made for the doors.

When I saw this skinny mudroom closet door, that was when I thought, I should do a blog entry on some of these doors.

We did a huge number of doors for this client (as well as a kitchen and other things), and I thought the variations on the slat theme were wonderful.

Then I just started looking at all the doors for this particular client.  Here we have antique carved panels pieced together at angles.

And then a similar style, but this time with color.

And then a surround for the entryway to the living room.

And, as I always save the best for last, here is their front entry.

No two pieces are the same.

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